Undefined World

life in CX
& beyond

About the book

Undefined World Book

With so many options, limitations,
and considerations,
how is anyone
supposed to land
in a career
they enjoy?

Seven professionals who got their starts
in CX tell you how they built careers they love.

This book takes an honest look at how tough it is
to find your path in today’s complex work world.
If you’ve ever felt lost, undervalued, or wondered
why everyone else seems to have their shit
together - this is the book for you.


We all face the strange

Samantha Sanders
Scheduling Analyst / Postmates
Samantha Sanders

I didn’t go to school for anything that I do now, which is actually kind of funny.

MJ Marques
Associate Product Manager/ Talkdesk
MJ Marques

I’m so happy I got fired because that’s what got me on the path I am now.

Mike Yakovlev
Manager, Technology Alliances / Zendesk
Mike Yakovlev

Customer experience skills don’t always have to be customer-facing.

Stephanie Jacobson
QA Team Lead / LevelUp
Stephanie Jacobson

It challenged me in human empathy…

Chris Wilson
Director of Support Technology / Shopify
Chris Wilson

That’s where I kind of fell in love with the problem of support.

José Palhares
Senior Global Workforce Manager / Farfetch
José Palhares

I was really, really scared. I was like, “How am I going to do this?”

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the authors

Elisa Reggiardo

Elisa Reggiardo

Elisa is Tymeshift’s badass Chief Brand Officer and the glue that holds the team together.

She’s a mom, wife, and leader.

This book came straight from her heart, mind, and experiences.

Alexa Huth

Alexa Huth

Alexa is a visually impaired world wanderer who is dedicated to telling stories with a genuine heart.

This is her first book, and she sincerely hopes it helps people feel heard.

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